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WX Watchers - Must Have Goodies (2)

Here is a small list of items that you should have in the event the power is going to go out for more than a few hours. I live out of town on an acreage so most of this is written with that in mind and not so much for someone living in an apartment.

This is in no way a comprehensive list and is in no way written in stone or in the order you may want it. This is just a good start and for your reference only. I’m not responsible for how you use this information. (Example of this is storing 500 gallons of gas in unsafe containers near your fireplace.)

6) Weather Radio. These are not so common in Canada but worth the effort to find one (or two) and get it set up and in use at all times. It will alert you when Environment Canada issues a warning on their system.

7) Means to communicate. Remember CB radio? You should have one set up in case there is no regular communications. Also, have FRS radios for you, your family and perhaps your neighbor. A ‘scanner’ radio is good to have as well. If the utilities are fixing down power lines you may be able to listen in. For more information about the hobby of scanning, go here.

8) Extra CLF bulbs

And clap lamps so you can run these low wattage bulbs and keep your house safely lit. I’ve have a few of these and I’ve used them to keep the house lit on a few occasions. What I did was plug them into my computers power back up. They can run for hours using only a few watts of power.

9) Fire extinguisher. If you don’t have theses all over your house you should. (Also a carbon monoxide detector is a MUST)

10) Fresh water.

No power, no pressure, no water. If you are in the city your generator will not help you. If you are out of town you may be able to hook up your pump to keep the water flowing. If, not a few cases of water will keep you a live longer then food.

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