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WX Watchers - Must Have Goodies (4)

Here is a small list of items that you should have in the event the power is going to go out for more than a few hours. I live out of town on an acreage so most of this is written with that in mind and not so much for someone living in an apartment.

This is in no way a comprehensive list and is in no way written in stone or in the order you may want it. This is just a good start and for your reference only. I’m not responsible for how you use this information. (Example of this is storing 500 gallons of gas in unsafe containers near your fireplace.)

16) Canned food. A variety of canned food is a must anyway. Head to your local Costco and stock up.

17) Can Opener. Without these you will have a bad time trying to get our canned food opened.

18) Trash Bags. All sizes MANY uses.

19) Ax and Shovels. All sizes from small garden type to those used for digging. Very important to have after a disaster.

20) Chain Saw. If trees have fallen or they are going to fall, this is a must. Only use if you are properly trained.

21) Candles.

All sizes. Not only for light at night, but can be used to heat small items up in small cookware. Use this only as a last resort for light as having any open flame can be hazardous.

22) Basic Tools. This includes hammers, screwdrivers, cordless drill, saws, utility knives, scissors. Anything extra that you can store from your tool chest. WD40, Duct Tape.

23) Standard Survival supplies. As well as lots of paper plates, plastic eating utensils, disposable drinking cups. You want to save water and not have to wash your regular dishes, disposable is good for short term use.

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